Legend & the Locals 2019 - hi res transp


audience feedback:

This was a dream come true!


Loved every minute!


Encourages me to participate wherever I am in my travels!


presenter feedback:

The Legend and the Locals initiative gave our community members the opportunity to come together, and not only the ones performing in the choir or duet either, but those attending the performance as well.


Locals came along to support their friends and family members who were performing, helping to reduce social isolations especially as it was a no cost event.


This event engaged our community, encouraged social connectedness and focused on building self-esteem and confidence especially with the additional workshops.


It evoked a sense of local pride and identity in a town that is struggling due to economic downturn, job loss and the ongoing drought.

Erin Kinchella - Flinders Regional Council

Erin Kinchella - Flinders Regional Council

Definition of "happiness" - "A feeling that comes over you when you know life is good & you can't help but smile".

That was the scene in Blackall on 14th August 2019 at the Blackall Racecourse from every single attendee.

Thank you Troy, Melody & Kate, for your contribution in delivering "happiness" to our community.

Better in Blackall Festival

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